What are the Best Raincoats for Men and Women in this Season?

There are different kind of raincoats that are out today! Different designs, color, cloth, but has the same function. That is why raincoats in this day are very valuable, but to others, it isn’t. To some people looking good is important to them because they can look beautiful in a small way. Especially to those people that are called fashionista, they want everything to be accordingly to their outfit. They want to be beautiful and still elegant.

Rainy days don’t mean that its a sad day, you can also make it colorful by wearing beautiful coats or jackets. But what if you don’t know what’s new and the latest? Well, we are here to help!

Best Raincoats and jackets for Men and Women

1. Barrier Jacket – A barrier coat or jacket has a unique fiber of cloth that is being used to take away water touching it. Like a roof it protects your home from getting wet like this it won’t let you be wet from the rain. You can also choose different colors and designs and choose your right fit.

2. Tex Hooded Jacket – it was called tex because it has the cloth of gore-tex that is suitable from preventing your body from getting wet. It also has a pull string below your jaw so you can tighten or loosen your hoodie.

3. Water Resistant Coat – this is one of our best selling coats, it is long so that you will not get wet easily. It also comes in different colors.

4. Drape Trench Coat – this is our best selling raincoats in this season because with its unique style. It won’t be defined as a raincoat, because of its long edge that you can use as a cover to your outfits so it won’t get dirty. Although it is expensive it is worth it!