Both the Women's and Men's Collections are available to buy online as well as our handmade rain hats!

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Stylish rain wear, designed to be worn all year round, is the forte of The Cambridge Raincoat Company.

The Cambridge Raincoat Company offers a beautiful range of stylish yet infinitely practical rain wear and accessories for Men and Women.

With a Savile Row influence, a very British manufacturer and a healthy dose of innovation, The Cambridge Raincoat Company are providing unique rain wear for adults of all ages and fashion tastes.  The range of both men's and women's raincoats is classic yet contemporary in design.  With the idea initially conceived as a sartorial solution for upright cyclists, the raincoats offer qualities that make them; breathable; wind-proof; washable; highly water resistant and durable, yet the appeal of the raincoats has very much transcended these boundaries and they have become all year round fashionable investment pieces.

The Cambridge Raincoat Company has been selected for the Growth Accelerator programme.